News: August 2017

Date posted: 04/08/17

Letter in The Telegraph re Mobile Coverage


Ben Wright, in his Wednesday article, was quite right to highlight the importance of broadband to the rural economy and the necessity to ensure that this vital utility is available to all. However, it is not the only important aspect of rural connectivity.

I run rural businesses here in Northumberland and in Gloucestershire. I am fortunate to have good broadband in both locations. My biggest frustration is the pathetic mobile coverage that we have to suffer in the UK. Mobile phones work in neither office and infrequently in between. This is not just a rural problem as reception seems variable in our major cities. Last year I travelled extensively in Norway and never lost signal so the only excuse can be lack of investment by the service providers.

My current mobile contract costs about 25% of what I have to pay BT for the privilege  of having a piece of Victorian technology tied to the wall. I only suffer the costs of the latter because the former does not work well enough. I would love to be rid of my ancient phone and be fully mobile. So please can the Daily Telegraph extend its campaign to include mobile provision so we can really increase our productivity.


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