News: March 2014

Date posted: 13/03/14

Scottish Referendum

Dear Sir,

At long last there seems to be a little consideration over what the Scottish Referendum may actually mean for the North East. Through out the process so far, it seems that we on the “frontier” have been completely ignored in the debate.

Over the last week, it has been stated that an independent Scotland would not be able to use the £ nor be a member of the EU. Where would this leave those Northumbrians that use Border towns as their service centres, and those North East businesses with Scottish customers and suppliers? What about those farmers who are farming land either side of the Border, potentially under two totally different regulatory and funding regimes? Will it be Bureau de Change in Cornhill and Duty Free in Coldstream?

With only 7 months to go until the vote takes place, it hardly seems credible or reasonable that people whose lives could be hugely affected on a daily basis are barely being considered in the debate. What could it all mean for the North East and why aren’t we being considered?


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