News: November 2013

Date posted: 14/11/13

Rural Fuel Duty

Dear Sir,

How depressing to read in Friday’s Journal that the North East is set to miss out on the potential 5p cut in Fuel Duty. It is well documented that the rural parts of our region are amongst the least populated areas in England, so how on earth have we been over looked?

Anybody who has the misfortune to fill their vehicles in our rural areas has a painful experience every time they visit the pumps. I find it particularly galling when I see how much cheaper fuel is just a few miles south or east. Our rural populace has long been viewed as cash cows by the fuel companies, and now the Government seems to be taking the same view.

A 5p cut in Fuel Duty would be a significant benefit to rural dwellers and rural businesses, and would bring the fuel prices more in line with those enjoyed by their urban cousins. I urge our rural MPs to press the Government to address this inequality for those living in the remote rural areas of the North East.


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