News: July 2013

Date posted: 17/07/13

Letter on Coastal Path - The Journal

Dear Sir,

I was delighted to read in Monday’s Journal that Defra may well cut the funding for the creation of a coastal footpath in County Durham. It may be that many of your readers were confused as they could be excused for thinking that there is already a coastal footpath in County Durham. Indeed, they would be correct – The Durham Heritage Coast Path. Strangely enough, despite calls for spending public money on creating a coastal path, there is already public access along the vast majority of the North East coast.

Even in the days when we were awash with public money, spending a small fortune to create something that already existed seemed absurd. In this age of austerity, it seems quite bonkers! Surely Defra can find more worth while ways of spending its ever decreasing resources. Forgetting about the creation of a “new” unnecessary coastal footpath would seem a very easy saving.

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