News: June 2012

Date posted: 12/06/12


The majority of the rural North East is covered by a LEADER group. LEADER is part of the RDPE and provides funding for socio-economic projects. It is associated with social regeneration, but the current LEADER programme does also have an economic objective, which tends to be under utilised. Most LEADER groups include spending under measures entitled “Farm Modernisation” and “Farm Diversification”. In the Northumberland Coast and Lowlands LEADER area, only 3 of the 55 projects funded in 2011/12 fall under these headings.

After some Defra confusion over the funding of LEADER, most of the northern groups were granted additional funding, rather than having their funding cut. There is also a drive to focus on job creation and protection. This means that LEADER may be a realistic source of funding this year. Please contact me for details of your local group.

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