News: August 2012

Date posted: 04/08/12


On Wednesday, you reported on the announcement of £3.2m of funding for the rural economy under the Rural Growth Network initiative. This is very good news for the rural economy of the North East and we will be only one of five such areas to benefit from this initiative. It has taken 9 months of effort from those of us working for the North East rural economy to get to this point and congratulations must go to the County Councils and the national Park for their role in this achievement.

Those readers with good memories will no doubt recall that this funding was initially announced by the Chancellor during his budget speech some 5 months ago. I can only hope that this new announcement by the Farming Minister, Jim Paice, marks the end of the oratory and the beginning of the delivery of the actual funding. It has the potential to make a significant impact across the North East rural economy.

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